The Bobit Fleet Group Covers Every Tier of the Fleet Market



                                      MARKET REACH   

Automotive Fleet

20,001 print

10,144 digital

19,073 AF enews subs

18,391 Fleet Safety enews subs

1,693 Global Fleet Mgmt enews subs

102,801 users

200,764 total pageviews

Cars:   2,588,330
Trucks: 3,813,390
Total :  6,401,720

20,001 Serving all fleets in all segments operating 15+ vehicles. Since 1961, considered the “Bible” for this medium- to large-size fleet market.
Business Fleet

39,998 print

5,169 digital

6,139 BF enews subs

17,957 users

29,458 total pageviews

Cars: 60,722
Trucks: 381,503
Total: 442,225
 39,998 Covers universe of 10-50 vehicle fleets in the commercial sector. Predominantly sold, serviced, and financed by factory dealers and regional independent lessors.
Fleet Financials

15,855 print

5,797 digital

5,100 FF enews subs

8,938 users

17,337 total pageviews

Cars: 728,500
Trucks: 1,950,000
Total: 2,678,500
 15,855 Designed exclusively for all large (200+) commercial fleets. Circulation includes professional fleet managers and executive corporate management.

Green Fleet


16,635 GRN enews subs

6,059 web visits

11,259 total pageviews

Cars: 507,550
Truck: 1,033,247
Total: 1,540,797
  Serving all commercial, utility, and government fleets operating 10 or more vehicles. Circulation includes fleet managers & executives, with a focus on green issues in fleet management.
Government Fleet

17,999 print

10,709 digital

15,836 GF enews subs

52,978 users

108,173 total pageviews

Cars: 1,493,304
Trucks: 4,032,310
Total: 5,525,614
 17,999 Providing cutting edge information to government fleet decision-makers at the federal, state and local levels throughout the U.S. market.
Work Truck

29,999 print

20,414 digital

27,892 WT enews subs

8,690 Utility Fleet enews subs

24,890 Medium Duty enews subs

69,305 users

133,241 pageviews

Cars: 444,670

Trucks: 1,066,166

Total: 1,510,836

 29,999 Serving the needs of light- and medium-duty truck, van and SUV fleet managers in commercial, delivery, service, vocational, utility, telecom, and public sector fleets.


All circulation totals are Publisher's Own Data, 2017

**  Bobit Research Department (Trucks includes trucks, vans, and SUVs)

*** All web stats are Publisher's Own Data/2017

Updated: 4/3/17